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Main Works

​・"Whisperscapes" (2023) for shakuhachi, computer and electronic objects

・"Air and Whisperscapes" (2023) sound installation

・"Communication" (2023), interactive audiovisual installation

・"Matataki" ["Flickering" (2023), algorithmic composition for piano and computer 

・"Solar Wind" (2022) for piano and live electronics 

・ "Operating Instructions: The Machine Don't Think of War" (2022) for the Disklavier automatic piano and live electronics

・ "Muffled Voice" (2022) for guitar and live electronics

・ "From The Depths To The Light" (2021) for ensemble

・"Jekyll and Hyde II" (2021) for alto saxophone and live electronics

・"Wind Lullaby" (2021) for violin and live electronics

・"brokENsemble" (2021) performance for violin, live electronics, and hologram

・"punch-patch-pitch" (2020) online performance for block flute and 'Zombie Music' robotic ensemble

・"X-SynapseL" (2020) for alto-block flute and live electronics

・"Sirens" (2019) for symphony orchestra

・ "Round Dance" (2017) for chamber orchestra

・"Symphonic Painting" (2014) for symphony orchestra

・ "Songs without Words" (2013), concerto for clarinet and string orchestra

・ Concerto (2012) for piano and string quartet

・ "Sketches for Shrovetide" (2012) for string trio

・ Sketches (2008), a cycle of piano pieces

・ Suite (2008) for solo bassoon

・ "Shrovetide Sketches" (2008) piano suite

・ "Time of Troubles" (2008) ballad-fantasy for piano

・Nocturnes (2007) for piano

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